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Shoreditch: A place for trends to come and go? Think again.

28 Nov 2017

Venue Lab

Beyond its mutability, Shoreditch is on the cusp of a new age of enduring tastemakers.

When you’ve worked in the London Placemaking scene for over a decade, you tend to have a good eye for what sets a destination apart. Most areas, spaces and developments have a distinctive character that cements their name. The leafy hideaways of north-west London, Battersea’s boundless industrial chic and the creative renewal of the Greenwich Peninsular.

Yet there’s always been something about Shoreditch that’s well.. rather unpredictable.


Old-School Shoreditch

 In the early days of Shoreditch cool, it was more than a little rough around the edges. As art students made home in its disused warehouses, the area became a veritable melting pot of styles. Still fresh with the talent of Young British Artists (YBAs) who set up home in its ‘distressed’ bricks and mortar, their energetic vigour brought inspiring vibrancy. I saw it myself when I worked on the regeneration and Placemaking activation of the Tramshed building, which paved the way for Mark Hix’s Tramshed restaurant, complete with legendary Damian Hirst works.

Yet these were the days when Shoreditch was one of a sprinkling of places where authentic ‘artisan coffee’ shops would bring pilgrimages of Londoners, eager to pronounce new caffeine-based lingo with the exotic-sounding ‘Flat White’. Today a ‘wet macchiato to-go’ is standard and it’s difficult to walk along Great Eastern Street without jostling with competing chain eateries.

In other words: Shoreditch’s insatiable appetite for the new runs a risk of losing its authenticity.


Consumers demand authenticity

Where once Shoreditch’s ever-changing landscape was exhilarating, it’s also meant that brands of the last decade have struggled to get a handle over the fickle hybrid of ever-changing spaces. The boutique shops, unique nightlife and eye-catching fashions rarely remain in the long term. They’re soon to be forgotten by the latest, brightest happening.

Yet consumers are bored by here today, gone tomorrow culture.

They want long term connections with brands brought from memorable, first-hand experiences in which brands can reflect their values and identity. Is Shoreditch just too fickle to cultivate these enduring brand-consumer relationships?


Beyond Shoreditch: A new East London era

Far from it. Shoreditch’s innovative appeal remains. With industry-leading tech-preneurs, top fashion brands and creative-industry workers setting up their headquarters here, the area is a hybrid of recognisable street art, world class design and curious minds.

It’s the perfect touchpoint for brands to reach audiences. But is it possible to carve engagement that lasts?

Our team at Venue Lab conceived our latest venue, Beyond Shoreditch to fill this much needed gap. Defying expectations of the trendsetting gravitas of East London, we wanted our new space to illuminate the area’s much-loved creative energy whilst innovating an evolved vision of Shoreditch’s advancement. Entered through a private townhouse door, the chance to make a lasting impression comes from elegant Victorian interiors, floor-to-ceiling space, innovative audio-visual technology and imaginative branding opportunities. The captivating space channels the elegant yet quirky home you always wanted.

At Beyond Shoreditch, trends don’t come and go.

Instead guests feel at home, engage with their experience and make those vital long-term brand connections to be remembered well into the future.