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Mixed Augmented Reality Studios

05 Aug 2020

Dock X London

MARS – Mixed Augmented Reality Studios, is the new leading xR and Virtual Production Studio based in London, UK. 

Utilising video game engines, camera-tracking technology, state-of-the-art media servers and LED screens, at MARS we create virtual 3D environments and map them onto our large LED stage, allowing us to blend performers, presenters, actors and products inside photo-realistic or imaginative virtual worlds. 

All processes are in real-time and captured live in camera for record or broadcast.


for all enquires Contact:

[email protected] or 0203 319 9332


Technological Advantages

The advanced technology at MARS Studios allows film productions to capture scenes and environments in the studio instead of travelling to remote locations or building expensive sets. We can create scenes and ‘out of this world’ environments on MARS that are impossible to travel to and impossible to create as a traditional set.

This is both a major benefit for the environment and for production budgets as well as enabling film & events production to continue to produce amazing content despite the current c19 pandemic where travel and working conditions are extremely limited. 

The xR technology at MARS also enables AR (Augmented Reality) graphics to seamlessly blend into the overall scene in camera and on stage. xR ‘set extension’ also enables our virtual worlds to extend into infinity beyond the physical dimensions of the studio. Powered by xR, MARS Studios is therefore also the perfect studio for music performances, broadcast shows and corporate events.


Video Game Technology meets Film Production

In contrast to a green-screen production where virtual backgrounds are composed during a long period of post-production, the 3D environments on MARS are created in advance of the shoot, then live-rendered from the camera perspective and mapped onto LED screens – all captured directly on camera.

In fact, at MARS, where our environments are created in a real-time video game engine, directors can update and change the virtual background environments on the fly, such as updating the time of the day or the weather conditions in a scene. This can even be updated directly by the director from a tablet while filming. 

In addition, with the use of LED screens wrapping around the set, realistic lighting from the environment itself is provided automatically from the mapped content,  allowing skin tones and reflections to appear natural when filmed in the virtual environments. 

The talent on stage is also being given a visual reference to the environment and can easily orient themselves – something which is incredibly difficult in a green-screen environment. 



Based at Dock X in Canada Water, MARS has excellent support facilities across its 3,100 square meters. The entire floor plan layout of the studio and facilities has been designed to enable an APA Covid 19 safe working environment.

Dressing rooms / green rooms / storage and working booths for all of the technical and camera team as well as on site medics and security provide a functional working environment at MARS.


Studio Hire

MARS is now available for rent along with our experienced technical team for operating and providing technical consultancy for this emerging medium. 

We look forward to working together with our existing and future clients & partners and being part of the new-generation film and TV-making in the UK.



The venue diaries are now open, and the team are working from home and ready to get started on your next brief. Printworks, Exhibition London, Thirty Eight Grosvenor Square, Magazine London, Dock X, The Drumsheds, The Pumping House and Depot Mayfield are ‘Good To Go’ certified with VisitEngland and are ready to host your next shoot.

For more information on filming within our portfolio, please click here to find out more or alternatively we would love to talk you through the venues, you can reach us on [email protected] or 0203 319 9332.