The Residents’ Christmas Party

As part of The Jetty’s dedicated programme of inclusivity, Venue Lab organised a free community Christmas event for residents. Serving as a botanical sanctuary, The Jetty has an ongoing commitment to enabling friends, families and the local community to connect with nature and one another.

Managing the entire event, Venue Lab created the invite-only event to enable the landlord to promote a friendly, active community in the surrounding area. The Jetty’s existing botanical infrastructure and evergreen flora required just a few subtle additions to build the warming Christmas tone of the event.

As part of the Vibration Group, Venue Lab’s close relationship with partner company Xcite ensured that dedicated event management staff were onsite to oversee the smooth running of all activities throughout the entire afternoon. Additionally, brand ambassadors met guests at entry ensuring everyone was aware of the array of opportunities on offer. With security personnel overseeing the health and safety of all guests, visitors could relax and take time out to connect with their surroundings.

Seasonal spirit was ignited through a choice of warm mince or apple pies to be washed down with hot spiced apple cider, or sweet hot chocolate. The team created a specialist Gingerbread man decoration station for children and adults alike to indulge their creativity alongside their taste-buds.

Further crafting activities took the form of pine cone Christmas Tree character-making for children, and a more adult use of seasonal fauna through wreath-making demos with a local florist. The team ensured crafty-fingers were given additional treats through bauble-embellishment and glittering tree decorations.

Funkin' Voices, a collective of singers with a contemporary gospel sound, invoked the warmth of the season with messages of love, joy, hope and peace. As a welcoming space for all to enjoy, The Jetty ignited Greenwich Peninsula as a place where connections with others are made and creativity is realised.

"We thoroughly enjoyed planning this event and working with such an amazing venue team! The perfect alternative venue in the midst of a busy London scene."


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