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Mulberry Fashion Show

Offsetting the architectural symmetry of Printworks London’s Vanway and Publishing spaces, the collection channelled the uniformed structure of military sophistication and collegiate detailing. Taking notes from history, Coca infused his looks with classic Mitford-sister defiance, re-contextualising their rebellious Britishness into Printworks London’s urban-chic surroundings.

Two catwalks were installed complete with muted grey grids to mirror Printworks London‘s own industrial interiors. As models paraded within the wide, open geometry of the venue, Coca’s designs took centre stage before 900 guests with a front-row of celebrated international faces including Lady Mary Charteris, Sofia Boutella and Anais Gallagher.

Mulberry’s long-standing notoriety as a traditional British-lifestyle brand perfectly couples with Printworks London’s own place within Britain’s cultural history. Just as Printworks London bore copies of the Daily Mail and Evening Standard to feed a societal zeitgeist, Mulberry’s acclaimed leather accessories saw its pieces become desired items for individuals across the globe. Originally founded in 1921, Mulberry is now a household name with stores throughout the UK and all over the world.

Joining Mulberry as creative director in July 2015, Johnny Coca has always been drawn to the distinctly British play between respect and rebellion. In the freedom of Printworks London’s airy, high-ceilings and the immersive intimacy of its spatial depth-of-field, Coca’s dual inspirations certainly had room to come alive.

"There’s always a reference to British heritage, but it’s about how we can use tradition, to make it feel modern. How we can break the rules, to make it new."

Johnny Coca

Mulberry Creative Director

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