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Creating a scene: Kat Von D’s Immersive Experience

31 Aug 2018

Fifty Six Brook Street

Kat Von D mixed artistry with long-lasting memories at Fifty Six Brook Street.

Their creativity is renowned around the globe. So, when world-class cosmetics brand Kat Von D hosted an event launching the brand’s brow collection, they needed a space prime for experimentation.

Fifty Six Brook Street became an ideal match for the brand’s innovative vision. With its seven rooms split across four floors, the venue transformed into a labyrinth of experiences, immersing press and influencers in Kat Von D’s brand-voice.

The venue’s pristine white-walls became fitting surroundings for their evolution into a photography studio, a video studio and of course a make-up showcase parlour. Highlighting the creative potential of their new brow products, guests were encouraged to experience the products first-hand, recording their experiences, making social content and forming long-lasting memories.

Downstairs, the venue’s series of rooms were styled in a homage to the different moods and personalities of Kat Von D. Marking the brand’s 10th anniversary, a floor-to-ceiling gold space set the celebratory tone.

With guests treated to a day of inspiring experiences, Fifty Six Brook Street’s light-filled versatility could allow Kat Von D to create memories that were true to the brand’s originality and unique identity.