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Venue Lab manage, own and activate spaces to
create strategic partnerships

Across our four specialist services, we’re driven by one objective: to innovate spaces that speak to people. Whether we’re crafting worthwhile uses for meanwhile leases, creating unique Placemaking strategies, strengthening revenue for the properties we manage, or building our carefully curated portfolio of exclusive venues...

We create spaces people talk about.

With combined property experience of over 50 years, our team is driven to shape the future of place creation. We know how to grow destinations that are as culturally relevant as they are commercially desirable.

Creating spaces that speak to people, we drive demand and optimise capital worth.

Realising our clients’ long and short-term goals, we deliver value for all our stakeholders. It’s why they continually trust us to transform blank spaces into

Valuable environments for everyone.

In short, venue lab is a property incubator, hatching powerful projects.

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